The world of M&T is divided into provinces which are grouped into areas, regions, Subcontinents and continents.


Map regions


  • All excess food is shared at the regional level.

Subcontinents Edit

Meiou subcontinents


Subcontinents are a concept in MEIOU and Taxes where multiple regions form one bigger super-regions, often called a subcontinent.

Note:The Maldives, the Andaman island and Christmas island are not appointed to a subcontinent

The Subcontinents are as follows:

  • Australia Subcontinent
  • The Balkans
  • British Isles
  • Central America
  • Central Asia
  • China Subcontinent
  • Commonwealth Subcontinent
  • East Africa
  • East America
  • East China
  • East Indies
  • Eastern South America
  • France Subcontinent
  • Germany Subcontinent
  • Greater Austria
  • Greater Russia
  • Iberia
  • Italy Subcontinent
  • Japan Subcontinent
  • Low Countries Subcontinent
  • Near East
  • North Africa
  • North America
  • North India
  • North China
  • Persia Subcontinent
  • Scandinavia Subcontinent
  • Siberia
  • Southeast Asia
  • Southwest China
  • South india
  • West Africa
  • West America
  • Western South America
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