This Article lists all the Possible Sources of Piety.

The State Edit

Govermentform Edit

Source Effect
Medieval governments (Despotic Monarchy, Feudal Monarchy, Irish Monarchy and Iqta) +10%
Enlightent governments (Constitutional Monarchy, enlightened Despotism, tribal Rebublic, Revolutionary Empire,Rebublican Dictatorship , Constitutiona Rebublic, bureaucratic Despotism and Revolutionary Rebublic) -10%
Theocracys +30%
Tribal Goverments +10%
Rebublics -10%

These sources are cumulative. (Tribal Republic has no Effect on Piety, due to +10% from being Tribal and -10% from being an Enlightent government.)

Education System Edit

Source Effect
Monastic Schools +5%
Charity Schools +10%
Preparatory Schools -5%
Public Schools -10%
Public Religious Schools +10%
Catholic: Jesuit Colleges +5%
Catholic: Jesuit Colleges and Schools +10%

Great Temple Edit

Source Effect
Great Temple in any owned Province +5%
Jewish: Third Temple rebuild and Grain sacrifices +5%

Ideagroups Edit

Source Effect
Humanist Ideas -40%
Plutocratic Ideas -20%
Innovative Ideas -20%
Espionage Ideas -20%
Free Trade Ideas -20%
Diplomatic Ideas -20%
Asceticism Ideas +40%
Prophecy Ideas +40%
Popular Religion Ideas +40%
Scholasticism Ideas +40%
State Religion Ideas +40%

These sources are cumulative. Only when the Ideagroup is finished is the full Effect applied, otherwise it has only half the Effect.

Relations with Heathens Edit

Source Effect
Being at war with a religious Enemy +10%
Any neighboring Country has a follows a different Religios Group +10%
Having an Alliance with a Country that isn't in the same Religous Group -10%

Religious Turmoil Edit

Source Effect
Religious Controversy +10%
Religious Turmoil +10%
Religious Civil War +10%
Enlightenment Thought -10%
Enlightenment Deism -10%
Religious Blasphemy Reaction +10%
Secular Blasphemy Reaction -10%

Church Land Edit

Source Effect
Church Land requested -5%
Church Land seized -5%
Church Land donated +5%
State supported Church +10%

The Court Edit

Ruler Piety Edit

Source Effect
Fanatical +20%
Pious +10%
Observant 0%
Cynical -10%
Unbeliever -20%

Pope Personality Edit

Source Effect
Reformer Pope +20%
Secular Pope 0%
Corrupt Pope -20%

This only applies if you have the Papacay Goverment.

Advisor Edit

Source Effect
Philosopher -10%
Natural Scientist -10%

Religious Tolerance Edit

Source Effect
Policy of Intolerance +20%
Policy of Tolerance -20%
Catholic: Edict of Tolerance -10%

The Edict and the Policy of Tolerance can be active at the same time.

Useful minority Edit

Source Effect
Having any Useful Minority -10%
Every useful Minority -10%

Religions Edit

Christian Edit

Catholic, Dualist, Calixtine, Protestant and Reformed Edit

Source Effect
Witchcraft Laws -10%
Low Papal Authority (under 250) -5%

Dualist, Calixtine, Protestant and Reformed Edit

Source Effect
Biblical Inerrancy +5%
Adult Baptism +5%
Lay Priesthood +5%
Free Membership +5%


Source Effect
Strict Christian Rules +10%

Catholic Edit

Source Effect
Anticlericalism -10%
Popular Piety +10%
Low Inquisition Support +10%
High Inquisition Support +20%
Quran repeatedly banned +5%
Quran translated -5%
Jesuit Influence +5%
Supported Protestants abroad -10%
Reformation maybe -10%
spread Reformation -10%
Introduce Reformation -10%
Antipope exists -5%

Orthodox Edit

Source Effect
Clerical Children -10%
Philokalia +5%
Third Rome +10%

Protestant Edit

Source Effect
Spiritualism -10%
Protestantism exist for 60 Years and no Religous Revival happend -10%

Religous Revival can only happen if Protestantism exist for 120 Years.

Reformed Edit

Source Effect
Revivalist Movement +10%

Muslim Edit

Source Effect
Judgement Day +20%
Sharif and no captive Caliph +5%
Captive Caliph +10%
Alcohol Ban +10%
Sufi Patronage -5%
Sufi in Goverment -5%
Ulama Patronage -5%
Ulama in Goverment or sheik ul islam -5%
Hajj Promised +5%
Hajj undertaken +10%
Hajj refused -5%
Islamic Trusts +5%
Islamic Trusts banned -5%
Ghazi prevented -10%
Ghazi supported +10%
Strict Sharia +10%
limited Sharia -10%

Zoroastrian Edit

Source Effect
Religious Revival +20%
Impious Priests -20%
Sofre Prayers +10%
Old Prayers -10%
Animal Sacrifices +10%
Sacrifices banned -10%

Pagan Edit

Source Effect
Omens read +10%
Denounced folk Religion -10%

Hindu, Sikhism and Theravada Edit

Source Effect
Kirtan Movement +10%

Hindu Edit

Source Effect
Bhakti Movement +20%
Brahmin supported -10%
Tantrism reined in -10%
Regulated Sadhu -10%
Neo Vedanta Movement +10%

Mahayana Edit

Source Effect
Revival of Koans +10%

Sikhism Edit

Source Effect
Khalsa Order +10%
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