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Population Edit

Pop Edit

The former development of a province, now representing 10,000 people of a particular type. Each Pop consumes 1 Food.

Rural Population Edit

These are your farmers, be they serfs, peasants, or freemen. They produce at least 1 unit of food per Pop, plus an additional percentage multiplied by the provincial farming efficiency.

Urban Population Edit

The city dwellers, your middle class merchants and traders and bureaucrats. They are a key source of trade power, and can produce urban trade goods.

Upper Class Population Edit

The richest and most powerful members of society, they form 5% of the population. The main purpose of these Pops is to be educated. Construct universities for these affluent people to get the most out of your education.

Urban Gravity Edit


Ideal Rural Population Edit


Wealth Edit

Asset Wealth Edit

The value of buildings and infrastructure invested in a province

Fluid Wealth Edit

The amount of ducats circulating in a province or non-state actor's treasury that has not yet been invested. At a provincial level, this is more susceptible to looting and other loss.

Austerity Edit

Means of tapping into private sector when the state has deep debt. The more loans a nation has, the harsher the local wealth growth, but the higher the state tax and production income. Does not fire during war.


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