Special Geographical Places Edit

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Estuaries Edit

There are different kinds of Estuaries.

The Great Ones gives :

  • +25% Trade Power
  • +2.5 Naval Force Limit

The Normal Ones and Delta Estuary gives :

  • +15% Trade Power
  • +1.5 Naval Force Limit

Some Estuaries provinces can also indirectly have a natural harbour, and therefore some bonuses like Ship Repair, Defensiveness, Sailors and also the ability to build better Harbour Infrastructures (see below).

The Delta Estuaries are usually bad natural harbours, and therefore have the maluses of "Lack of Natural Harbour"

Natural Harbour Modifiers Edit

There are 3 types of Natural Harbour Modifiers

Harbour bad
Lack of Natural Harbour
Natural harbour small
Basic Natural Harbour
Natural harbour-0
Great Natural Harbour
Local Trade Power Modifier - +15% +15%
Naval Forcelimit -2.5 +0.75 +1.5
Local Ship Repair -50% +10% +20%
Local Sailors Modifier - +15% +30%
Local Shipbuilding Time +50% - -10%

Great Natural Harbours allow you to build all ranks of Military Harbours and Trade Harbours (1 to 5).

Basic Natural Harbour allow you to build Military Harbours (Rank 1 to 3) and Trade Harbour (Rank 4).

Provinces with the Lack of Natural Harbour modifier can only build the Fishing Port (Rank 0) building.

Therefore, in a province without any natural harbour modifier, you can build Trade Harbour (Rank 1 to 3) and the 1st rank of Military Harbour.

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Confluence Edit

A Confluence can give anywhere from +10% to +25% Local Trade Power.

Special Provinces : Edit


Venetian Lagoon (Great Natural Harbour) :

Venetian Lagoon is a special place with many port cities and villages, a huge natural harbour and one of the best defensive place in the world.

  • +30% Trade Power
  • +4 Naval Forcelimit
  • -10% Local Shipbuilding Time
  • -20% Local Ship Repair
  • +30% Sailors
  • +50% Defensiveness
  • +3 Hostile Attrition
Ligurian coast

Ligurian Coast (Great Natural Harbour) with Genoa and La Spezia :

The Ligurian Coast is perfectly located on the West of Italy, with the natural harbour of Genoa and many port cities and villages along the coast, and with for later in the game, one of the best italian deep natural harbour in "La Spezia".

  • +30% Trade Power
  • +4 Naval Forcelimit
  • -10% Local Shipbuilding Time
  • -20% Local Ship Repair
  • +30% Sailors
  • +25% Defensiveness
Strait icon

Strait (Gibraltar, Calais, Kerch, Dardanelles, Great Lakes Straits and many others :

  • +1/1.5 Trade Power and +10% Trade Power.
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